Electric Vehicles are back!

The idea of electric vehicles is not new, in fact it’s quite old.



Today’s electric vehicle technology is at its most advanced stage. At Nate’s Green Garage we strive to bring together the best quality parts and as many American made parts as we can. We partner with local renewable energy companies to provide you with solar or wind systems to further help the environment and save you money.

It’s not just a status thing, it is for the air and environment around us. It is obvious that America and the rest of the world needs to start planning and developing cleaner transportation. At Nate’s Green Garage we strive to bring you clean transportation to fit most or all of your needs. Our goal is to service vehicles that fuel our evolving industry. We take great pride in our work and would like to continue the American growth in the electric and hybrid vehicle industry.

The EV Garage

Although we no longer offer full custom conversions we are proud to post a few of our favorite conversions!EV 101

Toyota Helix EV Conversion

   This 1978 Toyota Helix was down and out on its luck when we found it and converted it all electric. It now lives and works for an Eco-friendly Landscaping service in Houston Texas. After its conversion:

Top Speed 90 mph

Range 30-50 mi

Power 97 hp and 130Ft/lbs of torque


   This Datsun 280z had a full electric conversion, and a few years later a lithium battery back upgrade. Its a beautiful car that runs clean, quiet,and smooth, look for it around the SF east bay.

Top Speed 90 mph

Range 30-50 mi

Power 75 hp and 130ft/lbs of torque

Sheriff's Truck EV conversion

   This Hybrid truck was a proof of concept for the Alameda county Sheriff department and was a big hit at a California state event, even Gov. Jerry Brown took a ride.

Top Speed 110 mph

Range 30-50 mi all electric 350-450 mi hybrid mode

Power 90 hp electric, 210hp gas, 300 hp hybrid

Vw Bugs EV conversions

   VW Beatles are a very common conversion, they are light weight, spacious, and parts are readily available.

Top Speed of 90 mph

Range of 100+ mi

Power 200+ hp