hybrid-101 Hybrid Vehicles give you the best of both worlds. Gas and Electric to fuel your vehicles around town and beyond.

Hybrids are different from other cars, but all vehicles need maintenance. These checkups and minor fixes will extend your vehicles lifespan, range and efficiency, all while saving you money on major repairs down the line.

All hybrids have a battery pack to help increase gas mileage and provide power to the vehicle. These batteries are used anytime the vehicle is on and with time lose some of their capacity. A common hybrid battery, like a Prius, is rated for 150k miles with a 100k warranty. While replacing a battery can seam like a sizable chore, the job costs about as much as a new transmission, and can be completed in the same day.

Major repairs on hybrids usually consist of transmission, battery, or inverter work.

Hybrids are a great solution to bridging the gap between a gas and electric vehicle fleet. Plugin hybrids go a step further storing more energy for city driving while charging from an outlet like an EV.