Automobiles and Auto repair shops are two very dirty things. Both contribute a large amount of health and environmental contamination. We call ourselves green because we continuously try to improve and implement more environmentally friendly ways to repair and operate automobiles. There are many rules and regulations to follow for us and every other auto repair shop. But how many repair shops do you see making an effort to raise those standards and work even cleaner?

In the office:

Our invoicing program can eliminate the use of paper and ink. Our furniture and appliances are mostly purchased second hand, energy efficient when possible. We purchase recycled ANYTHING when we can, such as our business cards and printer ink refills.

In the shop:

We recycle almost every piece of “waste” we produce. All packaging, metal, car parts, electronics, oils and fluids, and more are recycled. WE even compost! We are not claiming that we don’t produce any trash, but we will always work towards a zero waste goal. We buy parts, supplies, and tools from local suppliers. Some things have no other renewable option, but we will always look for that option.

From cleaning supplies in the shop or bathroom to the disposal of your old transmission (and fluid), we hold our work to a high standard.

We really care about the environment. Here are just a few of our many practices that make us green:

  • Build custom electric vehicles
  • Green Tune-ups
  • Battery Recycling
  • Auto Parts Recycling
  • Oil Recycling
  • A green office with 100% recycled paper, and up-cycled furniture
  • Comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations
  • 80–90% of our automotive waste is recycled, while we are always working towards a zero-waste goal
  • We compost and recycle, producing little trash
  • Promote green initiatives through our employees, the community and our website
  • Strive to buy, use, and sell environmentally friendly products when possible
  • Our Green Waiting Room is made from 100% local up-cycled furniture and artwork

Check out our Green tune-ups or Custom Electric Vehicles to get your transportation a little greener.

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