Converting Gas Cars to Electric

electricbug100percentelectric, Oct 11, 2012 by Jake Richardson “Nathan Hutchison manages Hutchison Electrics in Albany, California. He used to work at a green car dealer in Berkeley doing repairs, but that company went under, so he started his own electric vehicle and hybrid car service. He first started working on cars when he was four years old with his dad. Today, he has his own business converting old gas vehicles to electric … Read More →

Electric car conversion business booming

DSCN0438, Jul 13, 2011 by David Morrill “Rising fuel prices have been painful for many small-business owners across the country. They’ve been a boon for Nathan Hutchison. The reason: Hutchison specializes in converting gas-powered cars to run on electricity, and adding lithium batteries that can be plugged into wall outlets for Toyota Prius and Ford Escape cars. ‘I knew when I started this business I wanted to do something that … Read More →