Nathan Hutchison

Nathan “Nate” Hutchison first started working on cars at 4 years old in his father’s shop. Fascinated with electric vehicles in college, Nathan left school in 2008 to pursue education with electric vehicles. He started work at an electric vehicle dealership in Berkeley CA and became service manager 2 weeks later. After that business closed in 2010, Nathan started Hutchison Electric Auto Repair (now Nate’s Green Garage).  Obsessed with efficiency, Nathan is always looking to improve the transportation on the road.

Charlie Hutchison

Charlie is an East Bay native who started his mechanic career as an apprentice heavy mechanic at Peterson Tractor Co. working on Caterpillar tractors. He opened his first business in Berkeley 30 years ago working outcall jobs from a 1953 Plymouth sedan. Since then has rounded out his professional experience building VW engines at Rveeco, running Autonomechs Automotive as a part-owner, becoming ASE certified in 6 different categories at Motor City Auto, learning Japanese cars working for Dana and Evan Meyer, gaining experience with Volvos at D.H. Walsh, and even more Volvo and Saab experience at Svensson’s Auto. He and his son “Nate” have worked side by side for years and have a unique relationship and understanding.

Naim Gardizi

Niam is the lead technician and has been working in the auto repair industry for over 30 years